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Indy Urban Jungles

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of this mysterious construction site on College Avenue, just south of Fall Creek.  “What do we think about the rusty container homes?” …It got a few comments,… Read More »Indy Urban Jungles

Kennedy King

On April 4, 1968, the nation was reeling from the shocking assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In the midst of widespread grief and turmoil, Senator Robert F. Kennedy faced a critical decision: whether… Read More »Kennedy King

Day One

Top Fitness Locations in Downtown Indy Here we are! Day One. January 2024. The time of year when we’re all thinking about new years resolutions. And we all know what that means. Let’s talk fitness… Read More »Day One

Indiana War Memorial

Honoring Sacrifice, Preserving History The Indiana War Memorial stands as a solemn sentinel in downtown Indianapolis, paying tribute to the brave men and women who have selflessly served their country. With its impressive neoclassical architecture… Read More »Indiana War Memorial