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Capturing Moments

This beautiful mural “Capturing Moments” painted on the iconic Roberts Camera store was started and completed in June of 2024 by local artist Megan Jefferson.

A mural this size is bound to be impressive, simply accounting for the time and talent required to complete such a masterpiece. The ‘Lagoon’ color palette for the background and the Peonies was a bold choice that paid off nicely. It gives a stark contrast to the natural brick color of the outside walls, but still leaves you with that earthy, organic feeling.

As you come up close your eyes will start to pick up on the gloss black shining out from the flat black forming the shadows of the flowers. The photographer’s silhouette creates a “POP” off the wall where the face(s) becomes 3 dimensional. Is she staring into the mirror? As the beholder, you start to wonder… am I capturing the moment, or am I just a spectator?

We asked Megan for an artist statement regarding her work on the Roberts Camera wall and here is her response:

I loved this mural project. Creating something so large is always impactful for me as an artist. I enjoy creating atmosphere with color, and this piece allowed me to use color in a way that has both impact and beauty. There are formal elements of photography in this piece, such as a sense of light, focus, and artistry.

It was important to create a piece that embodies creativity, diversity, and celebration of our city. Roberts has been an amazing business in our community, supporting and teaching artists, photographers, and creatives for years. I spent countless hours in this store with my son, who is a videographer/photographer, and it was a pure joy to create a large piece that honors both the store and our community. As an artist, my recent work explores color and florals, so designing and creating this piece was the perfect opportunity to do that on a large scale.

– Megan Jefferson

Author: Ryan

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