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George Jesse

Photographer George Jesse, gives Naptown Daily a unique perspective on a familiar view.

George’s journey with photography began during his late teens when he was playing in punk rock bands. Touring across the US, he played in hot sweaty basements, smokey VFW Halls, and graffiti covered DIY clubs. While traveling, he discovered his love for capturing moments and telling stories through still photos.

Over the past decade, George has traveled extensively throughout the Mediterranean with his family, documenting everyday life in places like Greece, Egypt, Israel, Spain, and Turkey. But his latest project dives even deeper: a photo book delving into the ’80s and ’90s DIY punk scene. Through interviews, portraits, and poster art of the time he explores its impact on contemporary culture.

Check out his Abstract Fine Art Print “Indianapolis Death Star Production Facility” in the Naptown Daily shop!

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Author: Ryan

I Love the city of Indianapolis. Art, real estate, small biz and model trains. :)

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