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Indy Urban Jungles

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of this mysterious construction site on College Avenue, just south of Fall Creek.  “What do we think about the rusty container homes?” …It got a few comments, a little false news, and some fun internet banter. It didn’t take long for the developer, JB to join the conversation! He ended up inviting me on a tour! Check out the video below:)

  JB’s company, Indy Urban Jungles, already built the first shipping container home in Indy.  That one sits on Mass ave and continues to be a flourishing airbnb.  

This development here at College and Fall Creek will also be short term vacation rentals.  It has 3 separate houses all built from shipping containers.  Interior will be sleek and modern while the exterior is well… rustic? 🙂

At this stage in the game each home is ready for finishes.  Flooring, lighting, appliances, counter tops, vanities and decor… you know, the fun stuff! An absolute perfect time to document the blank canvas (A “before” video).

I could see the excitement in JB’s eyes as he envisions all the interior decor and the landscape outside.  The house that I’m walking through in the video is “The Sycamore”.  The next one over is “The Marley” …as in Bob Marley!  The one closest to College Ave is “Gotham City”.   Each house will have its own unique theme.

A lot of people online were wondering if they were going to receive a paint job.  The answer is no.  The rust is here to stay!  Love it or hate it, you can still stay here for a weekend and enjoy it.  See if it grows on ya!

This unmistakable property will soon become an absolute Indy Icon and a landmark for midtown.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!  JB! Invite me back when its finished!  

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