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Promo Crew.

“Join The Crew” – Its Free. Make a profile. Once you’ve made the profile… That’s it. Congrats. You’re part of the crew. Welcome!

The goal is to shine attention on small businesses, artists, writers, musicians and organizations around Indianapolis that deserve it!

Theres a free option, and a couple of paid options. If you have no marketing budget make a free profile. If you have a marketing budget consider sponsoring an article about a local creative in a blog post for just $250!

As always, If you have an idea or a proposal, contact us please! Stay Positive!

Free Naptown Daily Profile

General promotion of profile.

Permanent profile on with photos, description, reviews, links to some social media and relevant website.  Restrictions apply.

Not at all required… but, since we will be promoting your message for free, mind if we ask for some exclusive content? Help us help you? Would you be willing to make a VLOG style video explaining who you are and what you do? Would you write us an article about your message for Indy? Do you have some nice high quality photos of your project? *Please note that you can submit content any time, just click here.

…If you’re still reading let’s ask ourselves a question. Would you spend $1 to get in front of 100 sets of eyeballs? Would you spend $50 to get in front of 5,000 people? $250 for 25,000 sets of eyeballs? Lets talk!

Sponsor a Creative – $250

Instagram Shout out and Blog Post Sponsorship promoting a local artist and of course your organization.

In addition to having your company’s profile on… Your branding, logo and / or Company slogan will appear in one of our articles about an interesting and relevant Indianapolis based artist, musician, writer, craftsman or creative. The blog post will contain a section that says something like “this post is brought to you by XYZ brand of Indy!” We will be creative with your brand and craft a meaningful and eye opening message. In addition to the article on our website we will do a shout out on our socials including Instagram and facebook.

This option is perfect for a shop promoting a product, a restaurant promoting a menu item or a Real Estate agent promoting a listing. Need ideas? Want to work together? Contact us here.

25,000+ Views.

Naptown Promo – $1200

1 year duration. Active business promotion.

In addition to your company’s profile we will write a blog post specifically about your business, plus a link to your profile will appear in 2 additional blog posts with relevant subject matter over the course of the year.  – Great for Search Engine Optimization.  

We make a simple and short 30 second to 1 minute video, posted on our social media numerous times through out the year, plus you get the raw file.  See example videos here.

“Stories” featuring your company’s instagram posts which will be shared (on average) every other week.  – We keep fresh eyeballs on your brand and boost engagement!  Your company will also have a “highlight” circle under our Instagram bio. We actively engage with your audience and tag new accounts to add real local influential people.

We advocate for your business through out the year.  We will work your brand into conversations organically in real life as well as online. Platforms like Reddit, Linkedin and Yelp can be great for leaving positive comments and 5 star reviews. We keep it all 100% honest and always highlight your companies strengths.

Roughly 120,000+ Views. On repeat. For 1 year.

*Restrictions apply, results aren’t guaranteed. See Terms of Service.

Get in Touch

If you are interested but not quite sure where to start please get in touch here. Id be happy to discuss Ideas and come up with something that works for you and your organization.