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10th St Bridge

Near East Mural The first video embedded below is what the bridge looked like just moments before the mural painting began. I had no idea that it was starting the same day. I went out… Read More »10th St Bridge

Old City Hall

202 N Alabama – Built 1910 Construction started on the “Old City Hall” in 1909 and was completed in 1910. It served as the center for municipal government for 52 years until city hall was… Read More »Old City Hall

Indianapolis History

Indianapolis History – Facebook Group By Naptown Daily Indianapolis, known for its vibrant culture and rich history, has a dedicated platform where history enthusiasts can gather, share, and celebrate the city’s past., a local… Read More »Indianapolis History

Churro Donut

Brunch Dessert at Cholita’s

317 Burger

A Burger Lover’s Paradise at 317 Burger In the heart of Broad Ripple, 317 Burger is a consistent favorite that truly stands out in the bustling food scene. From the moment you walk in, the… Read More »317 Burger